Bush Sends Aid to Georgia

Aug 13, 2008 WASHINGTON (NY TIMES) — President Bush said Wednesday that the Pentagon had begun a “vigorous and ongoing” humanitarian mission to ease the suffering in Georgia, and that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice would travel to France and then to Georgia to work for a settlement of the crisis. Full Report

Let’s read between the lines. Humanitarian aid requires free access to roads, ports, and airfields. Mr. Bush, who stood flanked by Rice and Gates (representing diplomatic and military corps), appears to be delivering more than just aid. What will the troops do if they encounter a Russian presence at the airport or a seaport? Bush made it clear that he’s aware of Russian tactics to close off the Gori road to commerce (the Gori road connects Tbilisi to the Black Sea), and Bush directed Russia to stand down. Bush describes the humanitarian effort (under Sec. Gates’ direction) as ‘vigorous and ongoing’. — PID