Russians Rounding Up Georgians in Moscow

Aug 12, 2008 (KOMMERSANT) — Alexander Belov, leader of Movement Against Illegal Migration, announced yesterday he arranges a raid in Moscow, aiming at the places where the Georgians tend to crowd. The raid is of peaceful nature, Belov assured. They will first inspect those places with video cameras, posing questions to neighbors, and then go to enforcement bodies should the collected data appear suspicious. Full Report

Read between the lines in this article. Cataloging the ‘Georgian Diaspora’ and shutting down their websites is for their protection! And don’t you love the acronym for the ‘Movement Against Illegal Migration’ – MAIM? This is going to get really ugly, folks. Pray for the Georgians and the Russian people, because Putin (the real boss) will use this to crack down big time. — PID