Georgia: Vladimir Putin leads from front to send US a bullish message

Aug 11, 2008 (TIMES ONINE) — The fighting in Georgia has answered the question that world leaders have been asking since Vladimir Putin stepped down as President this year: who runs Russia? The answer, of course, is Mr Putin. Full Report

Meanwhile in Russia, public ‘prayer vigils’ are taking place. According to Interfax: Nashi, Molodaya Gvardiya and Mestniye movements also took part in the event. The participants prayed under slogans: “Ossetia, we mourn with you!” “Saakashvili is a hitman.” Nashi, of course, is Russia’s version of Hitler Youth. Molodaya Gvardiya has its roots in WWII as a ‘Youth Guard’, and Mestniye (translated ‘Youth’) is a third pro-government entity for Putin worshiping.

Despite his apparent ‘back seat role’, Medvedev has recently distanced himself from Vlad’s ways. With so many radical and rabid Russian youth on Putin’s side, Dmitry might need to watch his back. — PID