Pak-American woman neuro-scientist alive, in US custody in Afghanistan

Washington, Aug.4 (ANI): An MIT-trained Pakistani neuroscientist, accused of belonging to an al-Qaeda cell based in Boston, is alive and in American custody in Afghanistan, five years after she was reported missing. Full Report

So did the FBI just ‘find’ her in American custody? Well, now that Super-Director of National Intelligence is fully in charge (thanks to Bush’s recent amendments to Executive Order 12333), this sort of lazy bookkeeping on prisoners simply won’t happen! And speaking of Aafia Siddiqi’s ‘disappearance’, you’ll note in the article that her entire family (she and her three children) disappeared. So, where are the children? And here’s one more thing to ponder: is this sudden revelation about Siddiqi (a nuclear scientist who, the US claims, had Al-Qaeda contacts) perhaps part of the build-up to a US nuclear event? — PID