Why are US missiles being placed in Europe?

July 14, 2008

DO YOU REMEMBER a fanciful Ronald Reagan plan called ‘Star Wars’? The actual name for this political football was the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), and it never actually disappeared. In fact, it morphed — or rather switched emphasis — during the Clinton years. What began as a space-based anti-missile program (hence the name ‘Star Wars’) became a terrestrial anti-ballistic missile program administered by the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO) soon to be renamed the ‘Missile Defense Agency’. According to the agency’s website, the MDA’s purpose is to “develop, test and prepare for deployment of a missile defense system. Using complementary interceptors, land-, sea-, air- and space-based sensors, and battle management command and control systems…”.

Back in October 1962, Russia’s premier, Nikita Kruschev, devised and implemented a plan to construct missile bases in Cuba, easily within striking distance of the United States.

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