True Beauty

June 18, 2008

BRITNEY SPEARS will likely not ‘get’ my point, but it’s my prayer that she may — one day — understand. Trust me, I’m not being harsh; I’m simply stating a fact. I know because I’ve been there.

Some of you who’ve been listening for a while to PID Radio, or those who’ve read some of my earlier, introspective articles will remember that I spent my twenty-something years singing for my supper in the central Indiana area. As the ‘front singer’ for a string of top-forty, dance bands, I had to keep my weight as low as possible: Cher thin. Trust me, my Scots-Irish-German body does not naturally ‘do’ Cher thin. Constantly worrying about physical appearance and starving myself to maintain a false image certainly led to health issues I now face, and it may well have stunted my spiritual growth for years. If anything, I wilted rather than blossomed. God must truly love me to have put up with my self-possessed thought life back then.

That was three decades ago, so why would I bring all this up today? Because the Lord reminded me of it just this afternoon.

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