Who's Really Behind the Scott McClellan Book?

May 30, 2008

YOU KNOW ME — my internal radar automatically activates whenever political events conveniently collide in what appears to be a ‘planned’ fashion. It’s no wonder then that the timely release of Scott McClellan’s hit piece on the Bush administration sent aforesaid radar into action.

While most in the MSM rant and/or rave (depending on their leaning, left or right), my first question was “Why now?”

According to McClellan, he only wishes to set the record straight, and that “loyalty to the nation must take precedence over party loyalty or personal loyalty.” This implies Scott has no political motivation, but is that really true? If McClellan’s purpose in writing What Happened isn’t revenge or sabotage, but rather to set the record straight, then why not wait until next year — after the election?

To help find the answer, I decided to track down the publisher’s information. What Happened is the property of a small imprint called PublicAffairs . Go the website, and you’ll find an interesting assortment of authors, including John Kerry and Teresa Heinz, John Edwards (also partnered with Kerry), James Wolfensohn (former World Bank chairman and major insider), Barack Obama (yep, I said Barack Obama!), Vladimir Putin (yep, the very same!), Vernon Jordan (former Clinton adviser, and the man some say promised Monica Lewinsky a job in New York in return for her cooperation — i.e. lying), Tom Hayden (1960s political rebel — one of the ‘Chicago Seven’ along with Abby Hoffman and Jerry Rubin — Hayden also traveled to North Vietnam in 1972 with his then wife, Jane Fonda), Gen. Wesley Clark, and a plethora of books by none other than billionaire ‘spreader of democracy’ George Soros.

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