'Lettering in Agriculture': DHS, NBAF, and YOU

May 12, 2008

ONE WOULD THINK that the very name of the Department of Homeland Security implies that this ever-expanding governmental entity seeks to maintain a safe and secure environment within the border of the country commonly now known as the ‘homeland’.

Part and parcel of this protection mandate, one might assume, would be an all out effort to remove biological threats to highly secure areas, right? Then, why has the Senate now struck a deal with the White House to transfer implicit control of farm-related, biological research from the informed and (one would assume) competent hands of the Agriculture Secretary and into the militarized and non-farming hands of the DHS Chief (bearing in mind that DHS is ultimately under the control of the Big Kahuna, the Director of National Intelligence)?

According to an article from the Associated Press:

House and Senate conferees, negotiating a major farm bill, agreed to the administration’s wishes to place the Homeland Security Department in full control of the transfer, according to two Senate sources who demanded anonymity because conferees were not ready to announce their agreements. [Emphasis Mine]

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