Nannies With Guns

May 6, 2008

ON APRIL 3, 2008, the state of Texas committed one of the most egregious acts of kidnapping in modern history.

Acting on an anonymous tip, 463 children at the Yearning for Zion Ranch near Eldorado, Texas were taken from their homes by Texas officers — armed for a Waco-style confrontation — and placed in the custody of foster parents. The Texas Department of Family Services claims girls and young women at the ranch, the home of a fundamentalist Mormon sect which believes in the polygamous practices of the Old Testament, lived in an “environment that left girls at risk of sexual abuse and raised boys to become sexual perpetrators.”

And this makes the FLDS different from the rest of America how?

If the state of Texas really cared about the welfare of teen and young adult women, the apparent honor killings near Dallas in January should have prompted raids on mosques all across the state. That didn’t happen, and it won’t. Muslims have wealthy and powerful supporters, like the Saudi royal family. All that oil money buys a lot of PR and official cooperation.

Members of the FLDS Church, on the other hand, appear to be just getting by, and in our modern, post-Sex In The City culture, you don’t find many people, especially politicians, willing to stand up for subservient women in polygamous relationships.

Which makes the April 3 raid a convenient test case for government.

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