FDA Raises Estimate of Deaths Linked to Blood Thinner


April 9, 2008 (WASHINGTON POST) — The Food and Drug Administration yesterday raised from 19 to 62 its estimate of the number of people who may have died after having allergic reactions to contaminated Chinese-produced batches of the blood thinner heparin. Full Report

As the United States becomes more and more a nation of consumers, rather than a nation of producers, our dependence on those who do produce, such as China, grows exponentially. After several years of contaminated dog food, toothpaste, and lead-based toys, now we must wonder about medicinal products! We have to ask: Are Chinese companies ‘saving’ money by cutting corners, or is there something far more sinister afoot? If the former, then we must also look to the major US outlets that serve up these Chinese-made dangers — companies such as Wal-Mart, who not only buys from China but actually owns major manufacturing plants there. If the latter is true, then we must ask: Who would benefit from the deaths of Americans?

For now, no matter who the culprit is, the tens of thousands who rely on heparin every day must find safe alternatives. And we would ask one question further: Since so many Americans DO rely on the drug during surgery, dialysis, or even as a short-term maintenance blood thinner, why haven’t we seen this story on cable news? — PID