New Format Announcement

March 24, 2008

BEGINNING this week, Peering into Darkness is transitioning to a new, cleaner format — away from news and back to our original vision as a hub for our ministry. This changeover will take a week or two, but you’ll notice right away that we no longer post daily news articles.

Derek and I have worked diligently these many months to keep our wonderful readers informed through external news articles, but the many hours it requires each day supplant precious research and writing time (not to mention personal time!). So, after much prayer and discussion, Derek and I have decided to return Peering into Darkness to its original format, as a home base for all we do.

What will you now find on this website? Weekly updates regarding our book projects (I’ve been struggling to finish three and start two — so I’m anxious to spend lots of time on those, and Derek has completed editing one, has started three, and he daydreams about dozens); essays on current issues and how they fit into the Christian worldview; occasional guest columns; plus more as the new format develops.

I’m tremendously excited to turn my eyes away from the news sites for a bit and concentrate on writing — both fiction and non-fiction (yes, one of the books in progress is non-fiction). But we pray you’ll continue to stop by here at least once a week. You never know what you might find!