Mexico Braces for an Oil War

Of course, once Mexico is part of the shiny new, North American Union, ‘nationalized’ fields won’t be a problem. — PID

Mar 18, 2008 (TIME) — Angelic children stare at rolling waves as a deep voice booms out the wonders of petroleum. “Mexico has a great treasure, a treasure hidden below the bottom of the sea,” the narrator says soothingly above joyous music. “But the world now confronts a new reality.” Suddenly, the watcher is bombarded with graphics explaining deep sea drilling in terms fifth graders might understand; the oil is at a depth 30 times greater than Mexico’s highest building; the pressure is like 60 trucks weighing on a can of soda. As the music reaches a dramatic finale, the narrator hits the punch line as if in a preview for a blockbuster movie: “Reaching our oil is one of the biggest challenges of our time,” he says. “And Mexico has to take the necessary actions to achieve it.” Full Report