BREAKING: Centcom Head Steps Down


Major cable news outlets are now reporting that Admiral Wiliam Fallon has resigned as head of Central Command. CentCom commander directs theater of operations in the Middle East, East Africa, and Central Asia.

Last week, an article appeared in Esquire Magazine, indicating that Fallon had stood up to the Bush administration regarding the Iraq surge. Fallon appeared to dispute this finding in his resignation statement today.

According to an article published this morning, Jim Miklaszewski, NBC News Chief Pentagon Correspondent, “The Pentagon sharks are circling CENTCOM Commander Adm. William “Fox” Fallon for a magazine interview in which he appears to openly criticize President Bush on the administration’s Iran policy. The very public comments raised speculation Fallon would either volunteer or be forced to resign.”

Did Fallon resign willingly? Probably not. Will the next CentCom head ‘toe the Bush line’? You can bet he will. — PID