Pentagon attackers stole 'amazing amount' of sensitive data

Attack Key

We keep seeing stories that indicate how vulnerable the US is to cyber-terrorism. Is this an intentional lead-up to the Mar 10-14 Cyber Storm II exercise that simulates a cyber-terror attack? — PID

Mar 7, 2008 (THE REGISTER) — A network intrusion at the Pentagon nine months ago resulted in the theft of an “amazing amount of data” that continues to pose a threat to national security, the CIO of the Defense Department said earlier this week. “This was a very bad day,” Dennis Clem, who is also CIO of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, said during a panel discussion at the Information Processing Interagency Conference. “We don’t know when they’ll use the information they stole, [which was] an amazing amount.” The pilfered data included processes and procedures that will be valuable to US enemies, he said, according to an article by Government Executive. Full Report