Lasers posing serious problem for pilots

Isn’t it interesting how the numbers 13 and 33 keep popping up in news articles? Just an observation. Regarding the lasers, it’s difficult for local authorities to apprehend the culprit(s). By the time the pilot reports the incident and police can determine the source location, the person(s) with the laser have no doubt relocated. Are these ‘aiming’ exercises? Sean Osborne of Northeast Intelligence Network discussed the dangers in a 2005 article. — PID

Mar 6, 2008 TORONTO (CANADIAN PRESS) — An increasing number of pilots in Canada are reporting incidents in which potentially blinding lasers have been zapped into their cockpits during flights, officials said Wednesday. Since 2005, when authorities started recording such incidents, there have been 33 cases nationwide, said Transport Canada spokeswoman Kirsten Goodnough. /SNIP/ In Ontario, there have been 13 incidents since March 2006 alone, with recent occurrences at Pearson International Airport on Jan. 7 and Feb. 21 of this year. Full Report