BREAKING: Small bomb hits NY Times Square

Times Sq Recruiting Station

We’re a bit puzzled by the report. If you look at the photo, the bomb didn’t appear to have done much damage, however, witnesses say you could feel the effect even on the 44th floor of a nearby building. Could there be more to this report than we’re being told?

Curiously, too, this ‘small explosion’ is being blamed for a further slide of the US dollar as well as rising oil prices from the Middle East. While police in New York sort through it all, Cable News has already returned to the Campaign Dog and Pony Show. — PID

Mar 6, 2008 (BBC NEWS) — An explosive device has caused minor damage to a military recruitment centre on New York City’s Times Square. The blast occurred before daybreak, when the centre was empty. No-one was hurt. A glass window was smashed. Full Report