Researcher: Moses was tripping at Mount Sinai

The researcher admits he has “no direct proof of this interpretation.” Yet, he persists with this ‘theory’ as if no proof is required. Sounds to us like he’s the one who’s tripping. Thanks, S.B., for alerting us to this article! — PID

Mar 4, 2008 (HA’ARETZ) — /SNIP/ The “perceiving of the voices” has been interpreted endlessly since these words were first written. When Professor Benny Shanon, professor of cognitive psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, reads the verse, he recalls a powerful hallucinatory experience he had when he visited the Amazon and drank a potion made from a plant called ayahuasca. “One of the things that happens when you drink the potion is a visual experience created via sounds,” he says. Full Report