Snow disaster leaves 1.6 mln people frostbitten in NW China province

China Winter
An elderly man makes his way back home after he received disaster relief supplies provided by local government in Zhenxiong county, Yunnan province. (REUTERS/Wong Campion (CHINA)

Winter has devastated parts of China this year, but the story doesn’t make it past MSM producers. Other countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam have also lost people, limbs (from frostbite), crops, and livestock. But the Hillary/Obama dance dominates our ‘news’. Where are all the ‘bleeding heart liberals’ crying for relief funds? Pray for the people of these countries. Pray that the Holy Spirit brings comfort, and that Christians might show the love of Christ through acts of kindness, regardless of politics. — PID

Mar 3, 2008 (Xinhua) — Severe snow disasters have left 1.65 million people snowblind and frostbitten, 500,000 livestock and wildlife dead and 3.1 million others on verge of starvation in Tibetan prefectures of northwestern Qinghai Province. Since October last year, consecutive low temperature had gripped the province. The temperature plunged to minus 36.3 degrees centigrade, the record lowest in January in the province, said the provincial meteorological bureau. Full Report