Indiana's Governor Headed To Georgia for Guard Send-Off; 3500 Troops Mobilized


3500 troops? The Louisville Courier-Journal calls it ‘the largest single mobilization of Indiana soldiers since WW II.’ A quick Google News search for ‘national guard’ reveals other states are sending out troops as well, including Pennsylvania, Mississippi, New York, Alaska, Utah, Illinois, Virginia, South Dakota, Delaware, Kentucky, and Wisconsin.

Some units are destined for Afghanistan, some for Iraq, some for Kosovo. Keep these men and women in your prayers. Now — to those of us at home: Does this steady depletion of our states’ National Guard numbers mean that a local emergency could be met with Northcom or Canada com troops? Possibly. Think about it. (Thanks to S.B. for the ‘heads-up’!) — PID

Feb 29, 2008 (WIBC NEWS) — /SNIP/ The 3,500 guardsmen are completing their training at Fort Stewart, Georgia. As commander-in-chief of the guard, Daniels says he feels a real sense of responsibility for the fourth largest Guard in the country. Full Report