Pupil's Bridgend shock: Youngster punished for refusing to do funeral plan school project

What kind of crazy assignment is this? Well, it comes from the same school system that required young students to write their own suicide notes! One Bridgend parent: “It’s a sick world when schools are telling kids to do it.” This town is reeling from 17 deaths — children who have chosen to hang themselves. It’s a town at spiritual war — and it sounds like the school system has chosen the wrong side. — PID

Feb 28, 2008 (MIRROR) — A pupil near Bridgend where 17 youngsters hanged themselves got into trouble for refusing to do a project planning her own funeral. Lauren Vaughan, 12, was put on detention after her mum said the homework, to choose music and mourners’ dress, was not appropriate. Sharon, 39, said: “I felt quite sick about it. Full Report