Nation of Islam Marks 'Saviour's Day'

Ford and Obama
Why did Farrakahn compare Obama (R) to NOI founder, Fard Muhammad (L)?

We highly recommend that you spend some time researching the origins and beliefs of the Nation of Islam. Also, go to and search for speeches by Louis Farrakhan, especially those where he mentions his trip inside the ‘Mother Plane’ (a wheel-shaped mother ship that flies unseen over the Earth). We mention ‘Saviour’s Day’ here because of Farrakahan’s speech yesterday, where he compared Obama to the ‘Saviour’. Senator Obama might want to pray the Secret Service does a thorough search on everyone at tonight’s debate. Obama’s charisma is akin to that of Bobby Kennedy and MLK — who both died forty years ago. — PID

(THE HILLTOP) Feb 26, 2008 — Arguably one of the most overlooked holidays in the United States, Saviour’s Day serves as a day for members of the Nation of Islam to commemorate the birth of their founder, Fard Muhammad.

/SNIP/ “The meaning of Saviour’s Day, [is that] on Feb. 26, 1877, the founder of the Nation of Islam, a man by the name of Wallace Fard Muhammad, was born,” said Mark 7X Cox, a junior speech communications major. “We come together to commemorate the birth of this man. We have various workshops to help families connect with each other, become more productive and to mobilize upward as people.”

/SNIP/ [Farrakhan:] “When we demand justice, freedom and equity, we excite the worst in our slave masters and their children, and they come against us. These cases of the Jena ‘6,’ Megan Williams, Martin Lee Anderson, Sean Bell and Generalow Wilson – they are just a smidgen of what is going on throughout America by evil white people bent on teaching us a lesson.” Full Report