For 28 Miles, Virtual Fence To Separate U.S., Mexico

Virtual fence tower

So, Boeing’s boondoggle is finally operational, eh? The contract price for the fence was originally reported as $67 Million. We’re wondering how closely Boeing kept to that figure.

We also wonder if Boeing gets the sweet deal of constructing the remaining 6000 or so miles of virtual fencing called for by Bush and Chertoff back in 2006 (total price tag about $2 Billion). As it stands now: Boeing’s flush with cash, and the border is as open as ever. Go figure. — PID

Feb 22, 2008 (AP) — The federal government has approved a “virtual” border fence, a 28-mile stretch of technology in Arizona that will use radars and surveillance cameras to try to catch people entering the country illegally. The Bush administration plans to use some of the technology in other parts of Arizona and in Texas. Full Report