Arizona's Rep. Renzi indicted on fraud, finance charges

Jack Abramoff, the man in the black hat, might connect it all.

Ok, this is starting to make sense. Renzi paid his assistant, Patty Roe, oodles of money to take notes and bring in campaign cash. Patty’s husband is Jason Roe, who once worked for Tom Delay and then for Tom Feeney (both are connected to the Jack Abramoff scandal). Jason Roe left Feeney to work for Mitt Romney, but then Roe resigned suddenly in 2007. Romney withdrew from the presidential race suddenly last month. Could it be that Romney smelled blood in the water?

John McCain received $100k from Abramoff’s old lobbying group, Greenberg Traurig. John McCain served as chairman of the Indian Affairs Committee that purported to investigate corruption in the Abramoff case, but McCain’s short-sighted committee ignored the complicity of fellow congressmen in the scandal.

McCain, who refers to himself as a ‘maverick’ who stands for lobbying reform has surrounded himself with advisers who happen to be lobbyists!. We’re wondering if the real ‘legs’ behind the Iseman revelation might not take us back to Jack Abramoff and McCain’s bank account. — PID

Feb 22, 2008 WASHINGTON (REUTERS) — A federal grand jury has indicted Republican U.S. Rep. Richard Renzi of Arizona on 35 criminal counts including conspiracy, wire fraud, money laundering and official extortion, according to court papers unsealed on Friday. Full Report