Serb Rioters Break into Belgrade's US Embassy

We’re watching CNN’s live video feed of the riot now. The smoke-filled streets teem with hundreds of angry Serbs. (This assumes all the rioters are Serbian; we’re not ruling out the possibility of foreign provocateurs.) Rioters have just removed the US flag. A chilling scene. — PID

Feb 21, 2008 BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) — Serb rioters broke into the U.S. Embassy Thursday and set fire to an office after a massive protest against Kosovo’s independence that drew an estimated 150,000 people. Masked attackers broke into the building, which has been closed this week, and tried to throw furniture from an office. A blaze broke out inside one of the offices. Riot police drove armored jeeps down the street and fired tear gas to clear the crowd. Full Report