Obama's Houston Office Worker Admits She's Cuban — Dodges Any Discussion of Cuban 'Che' Flag in Her Office

Her name is Maria Isabel, and you’ll find information about her at the official Obama website. You’d think his campaign workers could find her, too, and suggest she remove that flag, right?

Maria is part of HOLT, the Houston Obama Leadership Team. She lists her email with a domain address of houstonforobama.com We checked out the site — ‘Who Is’ shows it as ‘private’ and registered from Bellvue, Washington. Isn’t that odd? Why would a public campaign site be ‘private’, and why would a Houston organization show a Washington state address?

We’re assuming Ms. Isabel is a legal Cuban immigrant. But, don’t most Cuban immigrants come here to escape the likes of Castro and Che?

Still, the Flag Flap is barely making a blip with the MSM. It’s a good thing it wasn’t a rebel flag in Huckabee’s campaign office! The MSM media would have been all over that one! But the flag of a communist country with a superimposed image of a terrorist rebel is fine. Sheesh. — PID