Merck scientist ingested chemicals before death

We nearly missed this one. It happened last week, and so far the chemicals have yet to be identified. However, a subsequent article noted that the responding hazmat team ‘reported the substances smelled of bitter almonds and chlorine’. Police are currently investigating this as a possible suicide. We consider it one additional ‘dead or missing scientist’. Either he drank the concoction willingly or he did not. Bitter almonds suggests cyanide. Our big question: What was this scientist working on? — PID

Feb 11, 2008 (STAR-LEDGER) — The Merck & Co. scientist found dead Sunday at the company’s Rahway plant ingested chemicals prior to his death, authorities confirmed today. The 47-year-old chemist was found unconscious by a co-worker around 12:30 p.m. on the floor of the research facility’s library, authorities said. Full Report