Total Now 16: Bridgend racked by despair as death toll rises


This comes just days after a TEN-YEAR-OLD boy was found hanged by his own belt in South Yorkshire. Suicidal hangings have increased dramatically in many parts of the UK — or at least it seems so — just Google ‘found hanged’ in Google News, and you’ll be shocked at the numbers.

A report at DNA India reveals internet sites that actually ‘teach’ kids how to commit suicide. According to the article: ‘In a posting on one of the sites last week, a desperate user wanting to know how to hang himself was directed, by another correspondent, to a web site containing drawings of knots and nooses.’

PID Radio will be speaking with Russ Dizdar about the Bridgend suicides this weekend. We believe, as does Russ, that there is a largely undiscussed spiritual component to the disturbing pattern. — PID

Feb 17, 2008 (TELEGRAPH) — Internet networking sites which create a “cult of immortality” are fuelling the spate of suicides among young people in Bridgend, it was feared last night. Campaigners have voiced concern that some of the sites romanticise suicide and may contribute to further tragedies in the Welsh town.

It follows the death on Thursday of Kelly Stephenson, 20, who killed herself the day after being told her cousin Nathaniel Pritchard, 15, had tried to commit suicide and was unlikely to recover.

Their deaths brought the toll of suspected suicides in the town to 16 since the start of last year. Full Report