French Freemasons to explore Israel

Take special note of the following tidbit: ‘The Tourism Ministry hopes to convince the visiting members of the centuries-old organization to hold their annual gatherings in Israel.’ Curious. We especially love the headline (chosen not by PID but by the JPost) — ‘exploring’ is exactly what the Templars (now an ‘advanced degree’ in Freemasonry) are said to have done during the crusades. And it’s said they carried off temple treasures, hidden then beneath the Temple Mount. So, is this simply a bid for French dollars, or could there be more to it? Thanks to SB for sending us this one! — PID

Feb 17, 2008 (JERUSALEM POST) — The first local convention of French-speaking members of the ancient Freemasonry society will begin Thursday in Jerusalem, as 250 Freemasons descend on Israel. The gathering will last for one week. Full Report