7 Dead; 'Bodies on the sidewalk’ leave campus in shock

Spiritual wickedness increases as we approach the final days before Christ’s return. Although the shooter’s name hasn’t yet been released, information is coming out that he had been a student at NIU until last spring, when it’s believed he may have switched to the campus in Champaign. At NIU, he was honored at least twice by the sociology department. His writings in that department indicate interests in politics and social justice. What happened to this man’s mind and spirit to send him into a classroom armed to kill? — PID

Feb 15, 2008 DEKALB, Ill.(AP) — Word of the ambush attack inside a lecture hall at Northern Illinois University on Thursday sent panic throughout the sprawling campus. /SNIP/ “I saw him shoot one round at the teacher,” Santoni said. “After that, I proceeded to get down as fast as I could.” Full Report