MI6 plot detailed at Diana inquest

What a curious setting for this tidbit to see the light of day. Former spy, Richard Tomlinson (who is hawking a book) claims he knew of a plan to assassinate a Balkan insurgent, should that man ‘come to power’. (Possibly a Serbian warlord known as ‘Arkan’ — his real name was Zeljko Raznatovic. Arkan led the infamous paramilitary group the Tigers. He was killed in 2000. MI8 claims they weren’t involved in Arkan’s death.) What’s most interesting is the method described by Tomlinson. It sounds eerily like the way Diana died — death in a car crash inside a tunnel, caused by the agent flashing a strobe in the driver’s eyes. — PID

Feb 14, 2008 (PRESS ASSOCIATION) — An MI6 officer confirmed he drew up detailed plans to assassinate a top Balkan leader suspected of genocide to prevent him coming to power, a British court heard. Full Report