Bridgend suicides: Coroner investigating nine new hangings

Bridgend on map
Green arrow shows location of Bridgend, Wales.(Google Maps)

PID will be talking to Russ Dizdar this week about the Bridgend suicides. The addition of a possible nine more in the surrounding valley is heart-wrenching. If the nine are connected, then the total comes to 23 or 24, depending on whether the train victim is included. Please pray for the people of Bridgend and the Glamorgan valleys in Wales. — PID

Feb 14, 2008 (DAILY MIRROR) — The coroner for a suicide-hit town is investigating another NINE hangings in the surrounding valleys. An inquest was opened yesterday into the death of Neil Rowley, 29, who was found hanging from a tree in woods near his home. He is the latest of nine people who appear to have committed suicide in this way in the Glamorgan valleys in the last two months. The area surrounds Bridgend where 14 youngsters have hanged themselves, including Natasha Randall, 17. Full Report