Stop, armed police! Put down your MP3 player

Read the report carefully — the woman ‘witness’ said she saw a man ‘pull a hand gun from a jacket pocket, grip it with both hands and aim it’. Aim it? Does this sound like someone using an MP3 player? Nope. Either the police tracked the wrong man, or the entire thing is a ‘test’. Either way, it’s bad news for civil rights. Thanks to John W. for sending us this story. — PID

Feb 13, 2008 (GUARDIAN) — Armed police arrested a man listening to his MP3 player and took a sample of his DNA after a fellow commuter mistook the music player for a gun. Darren Nixon had been waiting at a bus stop in Stoke-on-Trent on his way home from work when a woman saw him reach into his pocket and take out a black Phillips MP3 player. The woman thought it was a pistol and called 999. Full Report