Death of billionaire Georgian leader in London 'is suspicious'

This story reads like a spy novel! Patarkatsishvili was anti-US and anti-Putin. He partnered in ‘business’ with Boris Berezovsky (the money behind Alexander Litvinenko). Apparently, Patarkatsishvili tried to bust a friend out of a Russian prison, one Nikolai Glushkov. Whom did Patarkatsishvil supposedly hire for the jail-break? None other than Andrei Lugovoy, the spy British Intelligence claims killed Litvinenko! Very suspicious indeed. — PID

Feb 13, 2008 MOSCOW (TIME ONLINE) — An exiled Georgian billionaire who claimed less than two months ago that he was the target of an assassination plot has been found dead in London. Police said that they were treating the death of Badri Patarkatsishvili, 52, as “suspicious”. Full Report