Connecting The Many Undersea Cut Cable Dots – 9 Or More?

If Sauder is correct in his count, then the MSM had better head back to Math class. So, who would profit from a ME blackout? Unscrupulous traders? Military operatives? Curiously, these cuts are taking place while the US and European media are enamored with O’Hillary and McRomney. Probably not a coincidence. — PID

Feb 6, 2008 (RENSE.COM) — /SNIP/ By my count, we are probably dealing with as many as eight, maybe even nine, unexplained cut or damaged undersea cables within the last week, and not the mere three or four that most mainstream news media outlets in the United States are presently reporting. /SNIP/

Undersea Cable

1. one off of Marseille, France
2.3. two off of Alexandria, Egypt
4. one off of Dubai, in the Persian Gulf
5. one off of Bandar Abbas, Iran in the Persian Gulf
6. one between Qatar and the UAE, in the Persian Gulf
7. one in the Suez, Egypt
8. one near Penang, Malaysia
9. initially unreported cable cut on 23 January 2008 (Persian Gulf?)
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