Trains, Bloggers Are Threats in Drill

Watch for unexplained Internet outages — next time, it may not be a drill. From the article: “Imagined villains include hackers, bloggers and even reporters.” BTW, as of now, the tentative date for Cyber Storm II is March 10-14, 2008. — PID

Feb 1, 2008 WASHINGTON (AP) — It’s the government’s idea of a really bad day: Washington’s Metro trains shut down. Seaport computers in New York go dark. Bloggers reveal locations of railcars with hazardous materials. Airport control towers are disrupted in Philadelphia and Chicago. Overseas, a mysterious liquid is found on London’s subway. Those incidents were among dozens of detailed, mock disasters confronting officials rapid-fire in the U.S. government’s biggest-ever “Cyber Storm” war game. The Homeland Security Department ran the exercise to test the nation’s hacker defenses, with help from the State Department, Pentagon, Justice Department, CIA, National Security Agency and others.

The laundry list of fictional catastrophes — which include hundreds of people on “No Fly” lists suddenly arriving at airport ticket counters — is significant because it suggests what kind of real-world trouble keeps people in the White House awake at night. Full Report