Mysterious holiday card spotlights Romney's religion


January 1, 2008 (CNN) — A holiday card that falsely claims to be from “the Romney family” and highlights Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith was anonymously sent to Republican mailboxes across South Carolina earlier this week. The source of the card is unknown. Full Report

Romney’s ‘faith’ is going to become central to his campaign, and we expect most voters to defend him. Ironically, many associate the Bush administration with fundamentalist Christianity. However, George Bush does not represent those who truly love and follow Jesus Christ. Nor does Mit Romney. Does Huckabee? Maybe. We’ll see.

But remember this: you cannot vote ‘Christianity’ into office. That form of government will arrive when Jesus returns to rule this earth. Until then, the Lord God Almighty raises up men and women to serve His Plan, and not all believe in Him. He sometimes uses unbelievers to correct the body — to prune the branches. We Christians of the USA need to hit our collective knees. The power of prayer trumps the voting booth every time. — PID