Got Chikungunya? Blame Global Warming

We’re seeing this spin everywhere now. Tiger mosquitoes are also in the US — have been for decades if not longer. A genetic mutation (natural or forced — hint) allows tiger mosquitoes to now carry such diseases. How is a genetic mutation a consequence of global warming, huh? — PID

January 1, 2008 (BOSTON GLOBE) — SINCE the 1950s, when scientists first identified the mosquito-borne tropical disease known as chikungunya, its reach has been limited to countries near the Indian Ocean. But in August, chikungunya broke out in Italy. Now World Health Organization officials are calling it the first example of a tropical disease, aided by global warming, causing an epidemic in a developed European country. The outbreak should spur efforts both to curb greenhouse gases and to prepare public health defenses against infections spread by climate change. Full Report