$730 Million and Counting: New US Embassy in Iraq Not Yet Finished

US embassy
US Embassy covers 104 acres. (AP Photo)

December 26, 2007

IMPERIALISM isn’t dead. It’s just delayed a bit. Those of you who have been keeping an eye on the rising structures along the Tigris may have noticed the same thing we did — the new US embassy is late in opening.

Due to open for business in September 2007, the massive compound is already as large as the Vatican, but not yet ready for prime time. Curiously, the US chief of the Army Corps of Engineers, Charles E. Williams, retired last week before finishing his crowning achievement. After numerous delays and rising costs, it looks as if the new embassy will not open its doors before Spring 2008.

While ‘W’ maintains the premise that we plan to depart Iraq — someday, locals must look at the palatial buildings and wonder about America’s true goals. Even Barak Obama has noticed. He recently told Iowans, “I don’t think we should have spent that much money on such a big embassy. First of all, it sends out a signal as if you are going to be a permanent occupier. Secondly, it starts looking like a permanent base.”.

Funny. Obama voted for the base back in 2005 by approving appropriation for the money — all $592 Million of it. What did he think that huge sum was for, huh?

See also: CRS Report for Congress on the US Embassy in Iraq (pdf)