TIME'S Person of the Year is Vladimir Putin


How about that? Vlad even beat out Al Gore. Be sure to read Time Magazine’s cover story — notably called, “A Tsar is Born”. There, you’ll find curious tidbits such as “And while he grew up in an officially atheist country, he is a believer and often reads from a Bible that he keeps on his state plane.”

The TIME cover features a no-frills close-up of Putin, but the photo accompanying the article (see above) bears a startling resemblance to ESQUIRE’S December 2000 cover of Bill Clinton. Is this an inside joke or an attempt to compare the two men? — PID

December 19, 2007 (MSNBC) — Eighteen years ago, Mikhail Gorbachev was named TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year for leading the political revolution that tore down the Iron Curtain and broke apart the Soviet Union. This year, Vladimir Putin, the man who restored Russia to a leading role on the world stage, has taken that title. Full Report