Vladimir Putin seeks to keep power by creating new, larger Russia

Belarus Union

We discussed this political marriage on last night’s PID Radio. We believe Putin is polishing up his ‘crown’, ready to accept the role as ‘Tsar of all Russia”. In this, perhaps, Vlad sess himself as a new “Ivan the Terrible”, who became the first ruler to take the title ‘Tsar’ (a term derived from ‘Caesar’ — i.e. ‘Emperor’).

Diplomatic temperatures have fallen into sub-zero levels between the US and Russia over the past few years. Putin makes no secret of his anti-US sentiments these days. He’s ordered the deployment of the newest ICBMs around Moscow. He’s buddied up with Iran (delivering nuclear material and building their reactors). And, back in September, the Russian army tested the ‘Father of All Bombs’ (a slap at the US ‘Mother of All Bombs’ — MOAB’ — used in Iraq in 2003). Maybe we should all take another look at the film, Red Dawn, huh? — PID

December 17, 2007 (TIMES ONLINE) — PRESIDENT Vladimir Putin could remain in power for at least another five years as leader of a new state born of a union between Russia and Belarus, the former Soviet republic. Full Report