American Think Tank Predicts Putin's Assassination on January 7, 2008

Cathedral Moscow
Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Moscow.

The ‘report’ from CSIS ‘imagines’ various scenarios, but the assassination of Putin is placed on a specific day. Is Bush Co. sending a message to former W-Friend, Pooty Put-Put? Perhaps Andrew Kuchins wrote the CSIS report as his entry during National Novel Writing Month. His imagination certainly lends itself more toward thriller fiction than think tank futurism. Not only does Kuchins ‘foresee’ Putin’s assassination in detail, but he also envisions a state of emergency and economic nightmare to follow. Do you think Kuchins will sign copies at local bookstores? — PID

December 13, 2007 (KOMMERSANT) — A report called “Alternative Futures for Russia” will be issued in Washington today by the authoritative nonprofit Center for Strategic and International Studies. Besides the usual criticism of democracy in Russia, some parts of the report are downright fantastic. The most scandalous of them is the suggestion that Russian President Vladimir Putin could be assassinated on January 7, 2008, in Moscow. Full Report