Vladimir Putin the President cleared to become Prime Minister of Russia

Russia Eagle

December 12, 2007

VLADIMIR PUTIN completed his plan yesterday to retain power in Russia, without the involvement of a single voter. Dmitri Medvedev repaid the compliment of being chosen as his successor in the Kremlin by declaring that Mr Putin should serve as Prime Minister after he leaves the presidency. Full Report

While this story is interesting on its own, there’s a related rumor bouncing about the internet that Vlad has greater ambitions than PM of Russia. If the rumor is true, then Putin plans to declare himself President of the “United State of Russia and Belarus” with Medvedev as the VP for Russia.

Reports of Putin’s plan have appeared in recent news articles from Reuters and the CS Monitor. Yet, TV’s talking heads say little to nothing about it.

We’ve been saying for several years now that Putin intends to rule as the new Czar over not just Russia, but all of Eastern Europe. Vlad is using natural gas a weapon — cooperate or freeze. Therefore, it’s no coincidence that Medvedev is chairman of Gazprom’s board of directors. Consider, too, the Nashi Youth Movement, a group eerily similar to the Hitler Youth. Don’t forget that Putin resurrected the old Russian ‘Eagle of Lagash’ symbol (as seen at left) to represent HIS RUSSIA. Note also, the ‘rider on the white horse’. — PID