Closing in on $100

Up in Smoke

Tailpipe Terror is hitting nearly every citizen in the US and elsewhere.

Gas prices have skyrocketed over the past six years, increasing over a dollar a gallon just since 2006. Daily hikes in auto fuel, heating oil, and natural gas will hit homeowners, renters, business owners, and farmers hard this winter.

If you have a neighbor living on a fixed income — please check in on him/her to make sure the home is warm enough. As we face the coming stressors, remember that Christ told us in advance that such tough times would come. Folks, they’re going to get tougher still. But Jesus Christ has not abdicated His throne — He’s still King of Kings and Lord of Lords — and He’s coming back! — PID

November 7, 2007

SINGAPORE (Reuters) — Oil prices surged above $98 a barrel on Wednesday, ploughing deeper into record territory as the dollar plumbed new lows and traders worried about a winter fuel crunch due to thinning oil stocks and a North Sea storm. Full Report