Slower I-35 part of deal on toll road


Cintra-Zachary appears to be in the ‘driver’s seat’ on this one, telling Texas what speed limits they can impose. And this company has its international eye on more than just Texas. Cintra wants to take over I-69 through Indiana (they already have I-90 in Indiana, and they want I-80), and they will operate San Diego’s South Bay Expressway. Every car will need a Fasttrak or SpeedPass soon. Prepare to pay 15 cents per mile just to get to work. Maybe we should all start walking. — PID

November 5, 2007 (EXPRESS-NEWS) — Cintra-Zachry will pay TxDOT $25 million upfront if the limit is set at 70 mph but will fatten the offer to $92 million for 80 mph and $125 million for 85 mph, which state law allows. The agency could opt instead to take a growing bite of profits. Full Report