UK's SAS raiders enter Iran to kill gunrunners

SAS Badge

The SAS badge (left) is based upon King Arthur’s ‘Excalibur’. According to a BBC News profile, ‘the SAS and its motto, Who Dares Wins, was born early in the Second World War, when a British army officer, David Stirling, came up with the idea of a highly-trained special force which might wreak havoc on enemy supply lines, bases and morale.’ — PID

October 22, 2007

(TIMES ONLINE) — BRITISH special forces have crossed into Iran several times in recent months as part of a secret border war against the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s Al-Quds special forces, defence sources have disclosed.

There have been at least half a dozen intense firefights between the SAS and arms smugglers, a mixture of Iranians and Shi’ite militiamen. Full Report